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Virgin HAIR Q&A: Hair Grade 7A 8A 9A 10A

Q: How many ounces per pack?
A: Avg. 3.7-4 oz. or customized as need.

Q: How many bundles does it take to do a full head?
A: (up to 16" 2 bundles, 18 to 24 > 3-4 bundles, 26+ 4+ or as need with closures/frontal accessories).

Can virgin remy hairs weaves be straightened, curled?

A:Treat the hair as it is your own hair. Use a flat iron/straightener, etc but as with your own hair, not often nor too much high heat.

Q: How long will the Virgin hair, Remy hair last?

A:  Depending on the quality and daily use care>  6mons to 5yrs longer without dying/bleaching, just  proper human hair care.

Q: How long will the 7A/8A Brazilian hair last?
A: 6mos up to a yr or longer with the proper care

Q: Can I dye, or bleach the hair?
A: Yes. However, dying & bleaching human hair does destroy its cuticles, proceed at your own risk or see a professional stylist.

Q: What color is the virgin remy hair?
A:  1b (natural black to brown).

Q: What does it mean by unprocessed hair?
A: It means its 100% raw natural hair that has never been treated with any type of harsh chemicals, usually loose wavy and straight, All other patterns can be considered process maybe for pattern or textures. Kinky curls, deep curly, loose waves, etc... ( If its not processed it may loose pattern after washing, the as if you when to the salon and wash your hair!

Q: Can I blow-dry the hair?

A: Yes, Its 100% Human hair same as on your own heads,  you can blow-dryed , but it is not recommended to do often. It is best to let your hair weave extensions dry naturally after washing, its softer and the natural pattern it preserved.

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