This 5A 6A 7A etc. Virgin hair Grade system is NOT UNIVERSAL, all factories have their own system and now most store have their own as well, This is our store and the factories & private collectors we work with Virgin hair grade system...


As a result we are breaking away from the grade system which was first started with our store , we wanted to show our clients the difference in real unprocessed and steam processed virgin hair,
as well as virgin hair which was source from other cultures other than Asia. However, by the time China got a hold of our made up grade system, it when virual and now everyone
and their mothier have a difference version of virgin grade system which does officially exist!!!

So we will begin a new system for our store, we have started using it and will have our store completed under
our new grade system by next year we will no longer have a grade system such as 5A, 6A, 7A etc...because many sellers say high grade 6A 7A etc and are still sending clients same 5A/4A chea hair,
we do not want to be apart of that evil cheating grade system...Our products each give our clients a difference experience on every level...

Our New grade system will be as simply as Silver, Gold, Diamond & Platinum, it have same value as the metal or stones it represents ...
I am sure many will copy our system as they have done before...:(,

 Real Raw Virgin human hair is an investment ladies so stop trying to buy cheapest hair for lowest prices and expect it to act like celebrity Authentic quality virgin unprocessed, and on top of it most ladies dont take care of the human hair so it get dry, split ends , tangle, shed/ break if it is NOT washed often( at least weekly) and moisturize with hydrating products (daily/nightly) even the virgin hair cut from a baby in perfect condition will act a fool on your head!!! Protect your investment!!!

All Virgin Human hair are not collected equally!  There are many factors to consider such as different factories having different requirements for processing as well as How, when, where its collected.

We work  closely with our factory partners & Private collectors to ensure our clients get what they are paying for according to quality of raw material been used to make the finished products, from weft, extensions, closure or wigs (we're always learning about the market especially dealing with our Asian factories production of our 5A/6A)because they seem to change product according to the demands of the markets they serve. (USA/Europe/Africa, etc...

So here is little break down of what we've learn so far:)

Bronze collection(4A) it simply just human hair, it can be dyed, but wont bleach well(great for quick weaves), Our SILVER LEVEL are steamed (your current 5A/6A) like 925 silver, its pretty it wont turn ugly if you care for it:) Our SILVER LEVEL is High quality virgin hair (bargain budget quality)However,it is cannot be compared to GOLD!!!It can last up to a year with propercare.( daily/nightly/weekly deep condition treatments) Its best selling virgin hair becasue it cost less than Our Preminum GOLD LEVEL also steamed which can last up to 2yrs or longer, Our Diamond & Platinum are Authentic Superior qualities Virgin hairs they are completely unprocessed not even steam with the exception of the Temple Indian virgin steam collection.) These hairs are still in bulk when you order same as they are cut from donors head, and require a week for production to make weft , these are our private collectors with smaller business who doe snot mass products and do not have proper factory tools for steaming perfect body waves, deep waves, ot other fancy hair style you like so its Naked Virgin hair, Raw and Unprocessed, only wash and sewn, in double drawn the shorts are removed. otherwise patterns are natural waves, soft curls, straight wavy... so if you dont want to wear this hair in its natural, you need to have a stylist to curl it or learn how to use a flei rod/hot iron etc... Ok so I hope I have given you a better understanding of our Virgin hair grade system...

Disclaimer*****This Grade system applies to our store only, we do not know what quality is been sold in other stores with same name of grade or hair type, so we can only speak on our store grade system , I am certain it is not same for every store on the web or factory supplying human hair.!

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Goddessweaves Virgin Hair Quote: "Unprocessed Raw naked Virgin Hair is like nature is not perfect, its just the better for us"

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