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Best Grade Virgin hair , Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave , hair grades differences 5A/6A ,7A, 8A, 9A & 10A! 100% Virgin Human Hair grades Extensions virgin hair Grading, Premium 100% Virgin Hair,

THE BEST HAIR GRADE is the one on your own HEAD!! Take care of it!!!
Weekly wash & deep condition, The same need to care for your extensions to extend its life!!!

Now best quality Human hair extensions are 100% Human hair cut ponytails from healthy young donors, a
responsible factory is a must( you can always cut it yourself, GoodLuck with that :)
to care for it at each step ( collection/wash/dry/wefting) to ensure cuticle intact one way not mix for cheap quality)
which can be dyed or bleached, not just dye only...:)
Best to experience each grade offered, and remember no two is exactly same, since isn't an official regulation of human hair anywhere in the world!!!
We know because we invented this sysyem, which was stolen 4 years ago.. long story... live chat with questions as need..

Virgin hair grades 6A ,7A, 8A, 9A & 10A! NOT UNIVERSAL!! Virgin Remy vs. Remy Virgin ~ Knowledge is Power, what your suppliers dont want you to know!!! What you need to know about human hair grades used in asian factories mainly... Information comes from working with trusted and not so trusted factories in the region. I hope this helps you to better understand the hair you've been wearing, buying or selling to your clients. There are mainly 3 kinds of 100% human hair in the Asian hair industry:

1.100% real human virgin hair.This means the hair material is cut from girls and directly make it to hair extensions without chemical process.

Features and effects: (1)Unprocessed,full cuticles all in same direction,real tangle free.

(a)Natural soft hair,keep good tenacity and natural luster.
***Notice that virgin hair not soft than non-remy hair,
because the cuticles of the non-remy hair has been removed during processing to make style or colors, all gone. ( As a result hair always needing moisture/frizzy etc)

(b)High quality 100% real human virgin hair can be dyed to any color you can image,and also can reuse many times after dyed without looking dry or damages.
( wash weekly deep condition for best results)

(c)With good care,real virgin hair can be used more than 2-5 years.And after you weared the hair in a period of time,
you will find that the real virgin hair still looking very good, won’t be old and ugly.

(d)The price of raw virgin hair material is increase always,because the growth of virgin hair material is slower than the increase of consumer market.
this hair pattern is natural straight, natural wave, natural curl and natural back or natural shadws and you can not match color or paterns and
we do not accept returns, its virgin unprocess, get it home and start a care routine for moisture ,
also many of you use to that process silky hair, if that what you need , dears refer to it as relax texture or remy virgin when ordering here...

2.Remy hair/Imitation virgin hair).This is affordable quality hair for many ladies who believe its virgin by the way,:(
It is made by non-remy hair to imitation real virgin hair. Factory make the cuticle of non-remy hair to same direction by machine,
but only 80-90% hair can be same direction in 1 piece weft hair,and there is still 10-20% hair are in the opposite direction,
depend on factory which is why quality varies from factory to factory in this region.

Features and effects: (1)Not real virgin hair,but still 100% human hair.This hair had acid bath/relexer of some sort. ,so the cuticles are damaged as a result.
. If not processed this quality hair will tangle easy, Also feel soft when you touch the hair,because there is some oil on the surface layer of the hair.

(a)Can’t be dyed to light color,just can be dyed to 27# color. not good for dying,
best not to bleach or dye this quality for longer use, however, ladies do it and it works 7-8months depend on the factory it came from. after dyed.

(b)With good care,can be used up to 8 months. And after you weared the hair in a period of time,
you will find that the remy hair sheds/tangle bit more than when first recieved.

(c)The price of this hair is in medium,because the cost of machine and workers,so this price will higher than non-remy hair,but cheaper than real 100% virgin hair.
( This is higest quality most ladies ever seen/bought/worn and call virgin unprocessed by the industry, but its not true)

3.Non-remy hair.This hair extensions is made by nasty hair from floors of salons...WE DO NOT SELL NON REMY HAIRS!!!I am hoping this one scares you abit so you will invest in premium to put on your crowns...

Features and effects: (1)Hair cuticles are indirectional,or cuticles are gone or damaged deeply all mix in to make this quality cheap weft... so next time you pay $50 for 24" imagine were its been...

(2)Non-remy hair material need chemical process with much acid and other chemicals,so that the cuticles can be gone or less,to make the hair be less tangle.This hair super soft after processed!!!! ( DID YOU HEAR THAT?)

(3)Can’t be dyed,or only can be dyed to dark color LIKE #8 AND UNDER .

sOME HIGH QUALITY non-remy hair also can be very easy dyed to 18# color,but that will be serious damage the hair after dyed.

(4)Use time:0.5-2 months. Non-remy hair will easy to SHED FROM OVER PROCESS OR TANGLE FROM INDIRECTION CUTICLES after several times use,and also will lose the natural luster,and fell very dry.

(5)Cheap price,lots non-remy hair material,and there are also different kinds non-remy hair in the market...so many types its impossible to say all 5A is same or 7A or 6A or whatever the latest grade been used.
we use now for marketing if you find on this site as everyone looking for this imaginary grade system...

Above mentioned are the 3 main kinds of the hair quality in the Asian hair market.

And because most sellers are sales agents and need to make commission, they will say anything to get your funds , so be careful when selecting new Asian supplier to work with...

whew! so how did I do ladies?:)

Please dont copy !!! I am sure this will be stolen and edited all over the webb such as the currect grade system which was design for totally different use in our store... long story:)

Please feel free to ask questions, just dont ask for us to share our factories with you:)

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Its been a pleasure informing you ladies, lets cont. in a live chat:)