Virgin hair grades 5A/6A ,7A, 8A, 9A & 10A! NOT UNIVERSAL!! Virgin Remy vs. Remy Virgin ~ Knowledge is Power, what your supplier dont want you to know!!!

Virgin hair grades 5A/6A ,7A, 8A, 9A & 10A! NOT UNIVERSAL!! Its impossible to have one grade system for all virgin hair!!! Originally, I designed the virgin hair grade system to give our clients a different experience of virgin remy hair from different regions, Not to grade the same quality of the same hair from the same region with different names(Asia) as it is been used now, for grading only aka steamed /permed/relax textured human hairs.

Each factory/collector and have different regulations for processing, sorting their raw material, It is impossible to have one grade system for all virgin hair peroid!!! ********You can not honestly compare any two hair grade 5A, 6A, 7A 8A etc.. , becasue each donor , factory and source for the hair is different as well as each factory processed under their own regulations which is different for each factory/supplier... #wakeup!

****Ugly fact about your virgin hair is if its did not grow from the donor head in that pattern its 99.9% permed aka (steamed processed/relax texture) to get that perfect pattern you love so much and you been wearing processed hair all along, if you have had silky straight, body waves, deep waves, loose waves, kinky curly or any other fancy wave/curly styles, such as these>> Image and video hosting by TinyPic This region of people does not grow wavy or curly hair naturally!!! Ugly Truth!!!

If you've have to make your hair straight to measure its a dead given away it undergone some type of process , now you know the truth, you can keep taking teh Red pill to go on believing what you have or Blue and wake up to the ugly truth!! Asian hairs are bone straight and naturally course if its not permed it wont be so silky soft as you like it!!! Many ladies been using processed hair so long , most have no idea what raw virgin unprocessed feels or look like, another ugly truth!!! There is nothing wrong with Relax textures, most of our hair have relaxers, just need to be sure its all virgin hair been used originally...

So why is relaxed human hair is been called virgin hair in this industry? Its still ben called virgin hair because it still have cuticles, it can still be dyed or bleached..
Why am I telling you this now? Too many ladies believe they can get Real Raw Virgin hairs for very cheap prices and thats just not true,
Not without a compromise ...I want you to know and experience Real Raw unprocess virgin hairs, so I have designed another system to help you get the quality your willing to invest in...

Real Raw Virgin human hair is an expensive accessory and until ladies stop looking for cheap prices with the higest grade attached or high quality with extremely low prices, and then expect it to act like celebrity quality virgin unprocessed, the industry will keep saying 100% virgin hair when its relax textures and not completely correct about been unprocessed... another thing If you dont take care of the human hair no matter the grade, it will get dry, split ends , tangle, shed/ break if it is NOT washed often( at least weekly) and moisturize with hydrating products (daily/nightly) even the virgin hair cut from a baby LOL in perfect condition will act a fool on your head!!! Protect your investment moisturise, braid/cover nightly , deep condition before combing from tip to root, and wash weekly & seal your weft!!!


Silver Goddess Relax Remy virgin texture is Classic quality design for clients seeking good quality and reasonable prices: Can last 6-year , longer if you really take care of it.. it can dye and bleach... bleaching is never good for any hair, so try using dye with devoloper/heat can get the result in most cases.

Gold Goddess Relax Remy Virgin texture is the Preminum design for high end clients who enjoy those fancy patterns as show above, this hair is more smooth, fuller, bouncy very good feeling. its slightly relax for textures so its look and feel more natural than our Silver, If possible invest in Gold! Can last 12 -2years and longer with proper care... dye and bleach looks great on this quality!! Its BEST INVESTMENT for Relax, aka >>steamed textures:)

*******Our Elite Diamond & Premium Platinum are Authentic Superior qualities , usually double drawn , handtied, micro weft custom prepared per order from fresh cut bulk Raw virgin hairs... 100% premium Exotic Virgin human hairs, from different regions of people, completely unprocessed naked raw virgin ! These hairs are still in bulk when you order same as they are cut from donors head, and require a week for production to make weft, prebond or other as you request. , Its Naked Virgin hair, Raw only wash sun dried and prepared as ordered, patterns are usually natural wavy, natural straight slighty wavy, natural soft curly depending on the hair type. Great investment for stylist to provide high end clients Raw virgin or client who wants really unprocessed Raw virgin hairs and know to use curl tools as it is natural patterns not steamed in pretty body waves or other fancy patterns as with Silver/Gold level. If you dont want to wear this hair in its natural, you need to have a stylist to curl it or learn how to use a flexi rod/hot iron etc...

******* In our Store Each level is designed to give you a different & better experience, For our Unsteamed unprocessed or Best quality relax remy virgin textures..

Disclaimer*****This Grade system applies to our store only, we do not know what quality is been sold in other stores with same name of grade or hair quality been used , so we can only speak on our store grade system , I am certain we do not have the same quality or factories, so its impossible to compare our hair to any other store

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